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The release of Norderbergs GDPR compliant Affiliate Network
Creating an easy way to promote the ever-rising tide of casinos.

[Gotland, Visby, 04/05/18] We now provide, a fully operational affiliate network where companies, as well as private individuals, can register and start marketing. The deals provided are so far only on CPA (Cost per acquisition) basis, but revenue share is something we intend on implementing further down the road.

The Norderbergs Affiliate Network is using S2S Postback pixel tracking. It is set up to track clicks & deposits directly from the provider’s sites so that all webmasters/Affiliates can be assured to have correct tracking at all times. Postback tracking works with tracking links, so when using the Norderbergs Affiliate Network, Affiliates will get unique tracking links to each operator available to promote with accurate stats in real time.

The affiliate network is meant to firstly, provide an easy way for both companies and private individuals to start promoting casinos. Because the deals are already set up this simplifies the matter for anyone interested in getting started with affiliate marketing. secondly, we have made sure that the deals provided are extremely well compensated, something that may be hard acquiring when just getting started and have nothing to show for traffic sources etc.

“We have made it simple enough for anyone to earn money by promoting on their website or blog. The simple steps are to one, create an account at then two, collect tracking links to put on your website/blog. When that is done just wait for traffic and get compensated for conversions.” – Felix Sandberg, CEO.

Besides the existing services such as web development, web hosting, SEO, online advertising, and web design, Norderbergs is now launching the affiliate network to take another step towards creating a complete business model. Norderbergs has the full intent of creating an all service agency, which in simpler terms mean the goal is to provide services that are completely integrated in-house.

Norderbergs Media Ltd. Is a digital agency, Our objective is to bring all businesses, small or big online and to build a greater online awareness in order for you to reach your target audience. We are ever trying to broaden our services to be able to provide a complete service to our customers.


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